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Trade Links was initially established in 1997 to provide services in Communication and Office Automation. Trade Links Group has now evolved into an award-winning multinational diversified organization covering the USA, Middle East, Southwest Asia, and Europe, offering total solutions in engineering, Heat, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC), refrigeration, freight movement (via air and land), communications, aviation, project management and life support, and a full complement of logistical services.

TL has accomplished this exponential growth through the years by adapting to industry needs and identifying new market opportunities. However, what has really assured the success of Trade Links is listening to the customer; consistently delivering on commitments, and exceeding customer expectations. Our ambitious divisions offer a sea of expertise and a global portfolio of signature projects.

The Trade Links Difference…
Over the almost 20 years Trade Links has been in business, we have developed and refined our services to meet the continually changing industry expectations as well as the varying needs of our clients. Trade Links continues to strive to provide the best possible overall customer experience with quality products, stellar service and outstanding support for both our public and private sector client base. What gives Trade Links the competitor’s edge, and sets us apart from our peers, is our ability to perform more effectively and efficiently than the other companies operating in our realm of commerce.

Since 1997, TL has grown into a multi-dimensional corporation with business interests in many industries. Trade Links has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise over these years, enhanced by the use of proven business methods and modern technology. At Trade Links, we believe in quality at a competitive price — and with our worldwide marketing and support network, Trade Links effectively guarantees value to its customers.

TL provides a wide range of value added services usually only found in much larger companies and combines them with the genuine personal attention to detail usually found only in more modest sized companies.

Ensuring the highest professional standards are maintained on all our contractual obligations is of paramount importance to our clients. As an ISO Certified 9001 company, you can be assured that TL will also deliver in this regard.

Whatever your need – great or small – our commitment to you gives you the peace of mind you are searching for. Give us a call to determine what we can do for you. We look forward to being of service.


Continued growth and commitment to gain continued global recognition throughout the Industry and beyond.


To provide outstanding service and solutions through dedication and excellence.




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