Engineering Division

Engineering Division

Engineering Division

The complex design, engineering and installation of steel specified in buildings, towers, and other infrastructure can’t be left to chance. Efficiency and the highest levels of quality workmanship with the utmost care for safety are required, and our engineering division, Trade Links Engineering (TLE), maintains the highest standards for structural steel design, fabrication, transportation and steel erection.

TLE’s first Engineering Production Facility (EPF) in Kuwait has been unveiled with a production area of over 10,000 m2, capable of manufacturing steel structures for small and medium structure requirements. Local and Middle-Eastern based contractors and building owners benefit from our in-house engineering capabilities that truly bring value engineering to any project.

TLE’s main EPF, over 30,000 m2, is based in Huizhou, Guangdong, China, and produces for our customers a wide variety of quality products and capabilities for small to much larger scale projects. This facility has both Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled production capabilities and has a fully automated Tower manufacturing plant, capable of producing up to 20 tons of steel towers per day. Our personally selected AWS-certified welders and skilled fabricators handle your requirements in a safe environment with the highest quality workmanship and international standards. You can be reassured and confident when choosing TL Group.

TLE also offers production design and services for certain specialized and complicated structures such as Telecom Towers and Shelters, Equipment, and Power Transmission, etc:

  • Telecom Towers.
  • Telecom Shelters.
  • Structural Construction like Hangers, Warehouses and Maintenance Shops.
  • Pre-fabricated buildings, Collapsible Housing Units (CHU) and Sturdy Modular Units for Camps and Oilfield sites.

Also, being an international certified ISO 9001 Company ensures the highest professional standards are maintained on all our contractual obligations. Whatever the engineering or construction need, TLE can offer unmatched performance by meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations with a quality product, within your budgetary guidelines. It is our endeavor to continue to provide exceptional service as well as consistency in quality, timely delivery and performance to our customers in the Middle East, US Military and all over the world, in every aspect of our business, with the best manufacturers.

Scope of work

  • Designing
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Installation


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