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Trade Links Holding Company is a rapidly growing restaurant company operating 3 brands and over 10 locations across four countries. Those diverse restaurant brands offer patrons a unique dining experience,the first of its kind in the Middle East region. The passion and dedication we bring to our restaurants have inspired a fierce customer loyalty. Our Brands are "Dampa Feast" "Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant" and “Kenny Rogers Roasters.”

Trade Links Holding Company has a history of building great restaurant brands, and a talent for successfully matching emerging trends to new appetites.

At DAMPAFEAST we provide our patrons with a unique dining experience, the first of its kind in this region. Fresh seafood are sourced only from the trusted markets & are cooked in Dampa style with different sauces to your liking and served on the table. An opportunity for you to get away from modern-day technological distractions and have a great meal with family and friends.

The Jade Garden Chinese Restaurants were born out of a love of Chinese cuisine and wanting to bring the authentic traditional Chinese restaurant experience to the Middle East. Jade Garden aims to grow and maintain its reputation in hospitality excellence throughout the world. Since its inception in 2008, Jade Garden has spread from Kuwait (currently 3 locations) to; Shenzhen, China; Bur Dubai, U.A.E.; Manama, Bahrain; and Orlando, USA, but is looking to expand on these as the brand and company grows. Every element at Jade Garden has been hand selected to enhance the diner’s oriental experience, while enjoying the relaxing satisfying ambiance Jade Garden is known for.

Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) is our newest brand introduced to our portfolio in the Middle East, as a franchise of Kenny Rogers Roasters, USA. KRR provides a vibrant but soothing atmosphere with the country music of Kenny Rogers, along with the finger-licking taste of healthy Roasted Chicken which is carefully marinated to perfection using KRR’s special secret recipe until it is succulent, tender and aromatic, whilst removing the unhealthy calories of most other chicken restaurants. The musician himself describes it best when he says, “From my travels, I learnt that food should be simple. When you have too many choices you lose sight of the things that really matter like quality ingredients and passion in cooking….Food made with love brings people together…At Kenny Rogers Roasters, you’ll get nothing less than a great meal. Because we’re putting the love back into food.”

Hungry yet? Come and visit us at one of our great locations soon - your satisfaction is our goal!

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