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Artificial light accounts for almost one-fifth of the world's electricity consumption. This is substantially more than the output of all the nuclear power stations in the world. Within 25 years, the global demand for artificial light is projected to be almost twice today’s level as the developing world moves towards western living standards.

The shift in global climate trends and an international focus on sustainable energy has seen high rise buildings around the world favoring energy efficient lighting design as a means of retrofitting structures for modern times. Being at the forefront of the architectural lighting industry with proven performance and using revolutionary technology, TL Technology is forging a new evolution of efficient lighting design to cater for this environmentally responsible and dynamically evolving market.

TL Technology manufactures LED lighting and displays and is a global wholesaler of a whole spectrum of full color LED lighting products. The team of highly skilled engineers can create an amazing and yet affordable LED display or screen design to your unique specifications, source quality components (using leading manufacturers such as Cree, EPSTAR and Edison) or manufacture them using TL’s own factories in China, then finally deliver and install almost anywhere in the world thanks to our offices in Shenzhen, China and the UAE.

We have a proven track record of delivering high quality LED products through the US, Europe and the Middle East. Contact us today and our team will run through a range of LED options to suit your needs and budgets. Let TL Lites light up your life!



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