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Always on the lookout for products and services to help our clients reach their full potential, TL recognized the energy sector as a target key area of investment, and has since invested greatly in power generation to go hand-in-hand with conventional and non-conventional sources.

TL is committed to creating products which improve the quality and efficiency of our client’s businesses, and our Generators are no different. Using our TL Power Generator plant, based in Shenzhen China, TL manufactures 20 KvA to 2000 KvA Diesel Generators and delivers them around the world right to the customer’s door, eliminating the need to deal with expensive warehousing or delivery companies. With high quality control standards, 12 month (or 1000 hours) warranty, and backup friendly customer service support, you can trust TL Power to put the power in your hands.

Green Power, a subsidiary of TL Power, concentrates on non-conventional power generation. TL has always had a commitment to help with renewable energy where possible, decreasing the impact many industries have on the environment, and TL Power is helping us pave the way! We manufacture 200 W and 300 W Solar Panels using the latest energy efficient sigma systems as well as Wind Generators from 1 KvA to 50 KvA systems used for home, Telecom shelters and Street lighting.

Green Power also manufactures Solar Powered LED street lights, helping communities also embrace renewable energy sources.

For more information about TL Powers Generator and Green Power offerings, or a no obligation quote, please contact one our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

The future is green with TL Green Power!

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