Primegreen Power

Primegreen Power Primegreen Power Primegreen Power Primegreen Power

Primegreen Power

Primegreen Philippines manufacturers Electric Utility Vehicles primarily for low cost transportation and Cargo handling. The product will drastically reduce carbon emission earning carbon points, reduce greenhouse gases and noise pollution and increase Road safety which is missing in the gasoline tricycle. Studies conducted have showed us an average gasoline Tricycle runs around 60 KMs per day.The operation cost for it is Peso 100 to include fuel and the wear and tear. Our electric vehicle needs only 9 Kw for a full charge costing less than 15 Peso and will give a mileage of 150Kms. Phase 2 will  add manufacturing of Electric cars for commercial purpose in collaboration with the parent company Trade Links China.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to invest in Cost Effective Green Energy Solutions which could be of benefit to the developing world and the  low income Group by creating primary and secondary job opportunities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to see a green environment promising a future for the generations to come.

Green City Solution

Electric Transporatation,lower cost,zero omission.Primegreen builds all types of electric cars and tricycles to replace the current gasoline and diesel ones , to reduce emissions from the transportation sector and cutdown the  operational cost of Cars and Rickshaws by two thirds or more.

CEO’s Message

Primegreen is a venture which was successful in China and is now extending its manufacturing operations to Clark Free Zone Philippines to cater its market to ASEAN countries. Primegreen products are poised to bring a revolution in the low cost transport sectors changing the lifestyles of millions of Pedi-cab and tricycle operators who work on a very unsafe and environment polluting or health hazardous vehicles.The Commuter and Mammoth will create secondary job opportunities apart from the primary employment opportunities and technology transfer through the manufacturing facility.These are projects not targeted at high profits but for the benefits of low income group and their lifestyle development .I have to emphasis our appreciation to our stake holders who have encouraged us on such noble ventures.

Mr Wilson Varghese ,Group CEO

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