Telecom Shelters

Under the name of TLE Telecommunications, Trade Links Engineering has developed the expertise in providing telecom shelters for any telecom application and for any environmental condition, whilst also bringing new technological advancement to the industry.

TLE Telecommunications designs, manufactures, installs and maintains a wide variety of telecom enclosures, including the new innovative Green Shelters, for accommodating highly sensitive Telecom equipment, whilst setting a new benchmark in future Shelter design. Leveraging on a brilliant team of highly skilled manufacturing and management personnel, a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, and outstanding support staff, Shelters are custom made to requirements, accommodating MW racks, BTS equipment, Power Interface Units, batteries and SMPS battery chargers.

The new Green Shelter, from years of rigorous development by TLE, provides a unique solution to save power/money and migrates the client to solar energy, getting rid of conventional cooling systems. This system is efficiently designed, using breakthrough Heat Exchange technology along with a backup of DC air conditioners, rather than the conventional Load Consuming air conditioners, thereby reducing the load requirements at cell sites and conserving the heat generated by the enclosed equipment and environmental temperature variation. This innovative system also enables us all to do our part to help in worldwide environmental conservation and resource sustainability to further help the world with its goal of zero carbon emissions.

For more information or detail about how we can help you with your Telecom Shelter requirements, please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team.


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